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    I've had this phone about 2 weeks. This week my phone has had two problems.

    1. Sometimes my charger will say its plugged and the symbol is present and everything but the phone will actually be discharging. (I tried multiple chargers so the chargers not the issue. ) My phone is in a very protective case and I haven't dropped it since I received it.

    2. This issue just started today, when I plug in a charger it will connect and disconnect randomly. The weird thing is though with each charger I try, it has a different method of disconnecting.
    For example, charger A will just disconnect randomly. Charger B will disconnect only if I move the charger. And charger C will not even register as being connected to the phone at first, but if I move it around a bit it will connect to the phone and actually not get disconnected.

    Once again my phone is heavily protected, I haven't dropped it, so please don't tell me that my usb port got damaged or something.
    01-20-2015 04:39 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Well, right up to that last sentence I was going to say, 'Perhaps the USB port is faulty or damaged', and I'm still inclined to think that if you'll excuse me for saying it. Either that or some other internal fault in the phone.

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    01-20-2015 05:57 PM

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