1. Useless for computer's Avatar
    I'm having a lot of problems with my tablet and is very annoying, it is a PM921x (Polaroid). When I play a song, it let me hear the music, but not the singer's voice, and when it let me hear it, its very low (lower than the instruments) and with echo. The equalizer is off, and if I turn it on, it just makes the sound even lower! Is there anything I can do?
    01-20-2015 10:28 PM
  2. christopher neils's Avatar
    Did you tried playing the music file with some other music player?? Also are your experiencing the problem while you try to listen the song over the earphone or its the device ???
    01-20-2015 10:59 PM
  3. Useless for computer's Avatar
    Than you for answering. This just happens with the headphones, I already tried switching headphones, but its not working anyway. What music players are good?
    01-21-2015 08:25 AM

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