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    my micro usb port has failed me and i'm to cheap to upgrade my phone or replace it in any fashion, if i replace the micro usb port i either have to replace the entire mother board... or do the micro soldering that is needed ther is a 3rd option but it requires sending my phone out and paying almost $100 to have it done when i could just replace it for nearly the same price or a little bit more.

    my question is if this is going to be a on going trend till we come up with a better solution for charging our devices i might as wel buckle down and prepare for the worst of things.

    now i'm looking for a external battery docking station i currently picked one up for about $25 and i didn't even think about it because i was in dire need at the time but later i calculated the time it would take to charge my monster battery and it seems it would take roughly 35 hours give or take.

    i'm hoping to find someone with experience or knowledge on where i could find a faster charging station? something with a higher output the one i got now is only 200mA max....the usb which does me absolutely no good is 2x that.
    01-21-2015 11:07 AM

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