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    Hey Android community i love reading the posts here as they have always been useful and often becomes an infotainment.
    But i hope i could ask you for a little help if you might know how to fix a small but annoying problem.

    The problem i'm having is that, my micro usb isn't functioning right but is able to receive power charge. I can't access MTP mode with my computer, and when i dug deeper into the problem, i found out why its not working:
    my "SC3 USB host driver is not found" stated by an app called "USB Host Controller" (which i downloaded to check for USB OTG compatibility and functionality)
    then i later on i found what could have been my savior, "USB Host Check" which states that i am missing a line in one of my files in etc/permissions folder. They have a way to fix it but adding the lines in which i know how to do manually, but to do that i need root.

    In summary, the problematic triangle as follows:
    >USB Device Host not detected
    >To fix, requires root
    >To root requires USB connection

    The best analogy i can say to my current situation is "My ship is stranded in space, i can't dock with a starport as my airlock docking systems were malfunctioning."
    Although i have other means to save my cargo (pics, music, etc.) by using ES File Explorer and MobilEdit Enterprise, both of which is ftp transfer via a browser. Only the crew are stranded (which is handheld_core_hardware.xml, and tablet_core_hardware.xml) which needs fixing.

    I don't mind anything up to this point, flashing, reinstalling, ANYTHING but i've done factory reset, that didn't help. Anything to bring this ship back alive and in working conndition.

    I hope you've encountered or know a solution to this.
    Thank you Android mobile master race.
    I await anyones reply if they get this transmission.

    Over and out.........
    01-21-2015 11:53 AM

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