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    my htc desire x got wet during the rain , it was working fine for several hours but then something burnt , i saw a little spark and then mobile turned off, now its not turning back on but when plugged on charging it shows its charging light glowing but doesn`t turn on. IS THERE ANY WAY TO RECOVER ITS CONTACTS AND MESSAGES.
    01-21-2015 02:14 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's nothing there to recover. It's like dropping a glass bottle of milk on a rainy sidewalk, then coming back the next day to recover the milk.

    The parts you saw burning and sparking are the ones your messages used to be in. If your contacts are all Google Account contacts, as they should always be, they're at Google Contacts, and they'll be on your next phone when you put that Google account into it. (If they weren't Google Account contacts, and you didn't back them up, you'll have to enter them again - this time, do it on the website, so you know they'll be synced to your phone.

    Anything you haven't backed up to at least 2 different destinations is something you don't really need. All your pictures, music, video, contacts, texts, documents, etc., should be backed up at all times.

    And read Oh, no! My Phone got Wet!, so the next time you get a phone wet you won't destroy it. (Charging a wet phone is like electrocuting a human body - if it wasn't dead before, it sure is now.)
    01-21-2015 05:17 PM

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