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    On the HTC One S there is no option to choose what kind of video quality you want to record in! I read all the below responses! On the HTC One S that i currently have, when you hit the camera icon (which is the recording video icon) it just start recording! It does not have any other menu or any other icon or anything for me to choose any type of quality...so to me this phone is not worth the money, i wish i could get a free trade with T Mobile...the phone really sucks, texting is a nightmare, and charging sucks even more! I've had so many problems with this phone. I then went ahead and transferred all my videos to my laptop and i cannot even view them! they are all distorted. But when i viewed from my phone they were ok....at the end of it all the main issue is I cant even send them to anyone by phone or my an email attachment and I cant even view them unless its from my phone! HTC SUCKS ***
    01-21-2015 11:25 PM

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