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    In my business I travel a lot and need to contact the site prior to my arrival. The list is constantly changing and so I have to create a new xls or doc file each week with my sites, addresses, contacts and phone numbers on it. This list can be 250+ sites.

    I need a phone that I can put this list on and be able to call the phone number directly from the list (doc or xls). I don't need to be touch, hold/copy/close/touch phone/touch hold/paste/dial/call all while I'm driving.

    I currently use an app (Document by Savy Soda) on an iPhone 3gs. It works great. WiFi the doc to the phone, pull up the app, pull up the doc, touch the number I want to call, a "cancel or call" screen pops up, I touch "call" and Wa-La! it calls the number.

    As far as I know iPhone is the only smartphone that has this capability.

    I tried Windows phone: thought that with MS Word and Excel on the phone it would hyperlink any phone numbers in the file, NOT. I had a friend with an Android type phone. Sent her a doc file but she could not call from the file either. She had to manipulate it with a series of copy/paste. On Brighthand.com forum I was told Android (Samsung) would do it. But, I spent time yesterday at BestBuy and the guys couldn't get it to work. Not even a PDF file.

    I really dislike Apple, and would rather use something else. But, as long as iPhones are the only phones that will hyperlink from a doc file, I guess I'm stuck.

    01-22-2015 09:26 AM
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    well . . . . apparently, no one has a clue! I have found an app that it will work on.
    01-22-2015 04:44 PM
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    OK, so I thought I was here in the conversation about hyperlinking phone numbers. But, apparently not. FYI KingSoft Office for Android (WPS) will let you call a number that is in an xls file, with a little work around.

    But the phone will not auto detect phone numbers in emails or notes, not even in documents created with Office for Android. At least not a way I have found yet.
    02-09-2015 08:26 PM

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