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    So my phone died on 3% and then I was like...k. I plugged the phone into the close-by iMac that had a charger sticking out of it and walked away. Came back 5min later, nothing turned on even, nothing happened. Waited some more...nothing.

    Took the charger out, walked to the cable plug adapter in the living room and plugged both into it. Waited 10min, nothing happened at all.

    Have to go into my room now, getting late, plug it into the the official charger and cable Motorola sent me with the phone...has been in here for 15min, and nothing. I try to hold the power button again to see if some type of display shows up, nada.

    Plug it out of there and am now attempting to charge it with my PC's USB port. Gah.

    What happened? What do I do? It has never taken this long, it's died on me before and usually minutes after plugging it in SOME type of battery display or whatever pops up on the phone screen. The phone isn't even heating up or anything despite the charger being in all this accumulative time.

    This is my replacement phone from Motorola that was sent to me a few weeks ago, the first one stopped being able to rotate. And now this happened with my new phone. Please help or give me insight.

    Update: It's now 11am and has been in the charger overnight for like 8 hours. Someone told me to just leave it in there, don't mess with it. Still nothing. Still not even heated up.

    PLEASE someone help me, I have important things in there and like you know the storage isn't removable at all neither is the battery. I need some way to fix this or be able to remove my data, this is really freaking important, PLEASE HELP ME.
    01-22-2015 11:39 AM
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    Leave for a total of 24h before abandoning hope.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-22-2015 11:54 AM

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