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    OK. I've searched the forums as best I could and couldn't find a direct answer to what I am trying to accomplish. Sorry in advance if I overlooked something. I am replacing my radio in my truck with a cheap tablet (Apex Solo 7i [TM772]) and have found NOTHING regarding multiple USB device support PLUS charging for this tablet. So a workaround (I think) would be to charge the battery directly and bypass the USB port all together.
    My question is: If I have a 5V source connected to an overcharge protection PCB like you'd find in most tablet batteries then connected the PCB to the battery's + and - tabs, will it interfere with the tablet's circuitry in any way? I realize it may not show a charging icon since I'm bypassing the tablets charging circuit but theoretically shouldn't this still charge the battery?
    Thanks for any suggestions!
    01-22-2015 02:01 PM

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