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    Okay, so I hope I'm able to explain myself clearly, and even more hopeful that some of the experts around here can help me.

    A few days ago I was having some issues with my S3. Not sure what happened, but I wasn't getting any mobile signal. Long story short, I ended up doing a factory reset, and installed stock rom 4.1.2 via Odin. Then(because I wasn't paying attention and didn't read enough) I took the OTA updates of 4.3 and 4.4.2. So, I've read enough now to realize that my bootloader is locked. Okay, I can live with that. My problem is that my phone WILL NOT connect to the Play Store. It also WILL NOT connect to Hangouts correctly. I can still send and receive SMS, but it doesn't send do it under "my signed in account", just under a general "SMS" account. When I try to sign into my google account, I get a message saying "couldn't sign in because we couldn't reach Google". I've read dozens and dozens of posts and still can't find a fix. I've cleared caches, force stopped, uninstalled/reinstalled my google account, and even done a factory reset, but still get the same problems. I'm terribly desperate now. I can live with a locked bootloader(from what I've read, I have NO CHOICE), and I can even live with being on the stock 4.4.2 rom. But not being able to connect to the Play Store and Hangouts under my google account is driving me mad. Again, I'm running 4.4.2 and NE1. And please bear in mind, I'm not the most "technically inclined" when it comes to this stuff.

    Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

    01-23-2015 04:48 PM

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