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    Hey all. Since an update about a 6 months ago (which destroyed my battery) I keep getting the message "Unfortunately Samsung text to speech engine has stopped", which is infuriating as it freezes the phone and frequently interrupts videos/movies.

    I have tried switching to Google t2s (Settings>My Device>Language and Input> Text-to Speech options.). I can't access the setting/cog icon next to the Samsung t2s or the Googlet2s I have tried uninstalling the updates for for Google t2s, then then reinstalling the update from the play store when that didn't work. I have uninstalled Chaton and Hangouts updates, and cleared their cache processes. I have also tried a factory reset of the phone. All of these have been tried separately (one thing at a time).

    Nothing has worked. Please help. This is driving me crazy!
    01-23-2015 06:44 PM

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