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    I have a one year old S3.
    Dropped it in the (clean) toilet last night. Dried it off - looked ok, so carried on using it... even left it charging overnight with the back cover off.
    This morning it went funny - wouldn't work properly... screen has now gone black and blotchy.
    I didn't know at that point that I shouldn't have used it... :-(
    I can hear key presses, but can't see the screen to see where the keys are.
    I have now dismantled it, put the parts immersed in rice in a sealed Tupperware box on top of a radiator, and am waiting...

    The questions are:
    Is it ok to leave the box on top of a warm radiator?
    How long do I wait?
    Is there a possibility that is will save itself, or have I already damaged it too much?
    If it doesn't save itself, will I be able to get the data off via a usb to my laptop?
    Will I be able to retrieve saved WhatsApp conversations?
    Do these phones automatically save data to the phone or the sim?
    I'm so upset. A year of memories and all my contacts are in that phone. I'm now understanding why downloading photos etc is a good idea!

    Thank you!!!!! :-)
    01-25-2015 06:23 AM
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    You might be able to get it working long enough to pull your personal data off it. Check Rukbat's guide:

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    01-25-2015 07:14 AM

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