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    like a warranty
    01-25-2015 11:16 AM
  2. AC Question's Avatar
    like a warranty
    01-25-2015 11:18 AM
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    If the local shop has been in business for a while, it'll probably stay in business for the length of the warranty. If the phone needs attention you can walk it in. An online shop may be honest and reputable (like Google or Motorola), or it may change names every week, so by the time your phone has arrived, the company that sold it to you no longer exists. Even if they're reputable and are still there, to get a little thing fixed, you have to pack the phone up, ship it to them, wait until they get to it, wait for it to be shipped back - you could be without a phone for 2 weeks. (And if it's something you're doing wrong, the local shop will show you right there. The online shop will send the phone back telling you that that can't find anything wrong with it.)

    Online shops are good if you don't need any help and the warranty will be honored by the carrier. Local shops are for people who may need help or the warranty won't be honored by the carrier, and it's always helpful if you're friends with the owner of the local shop and you need a little favor.

    As long as you aren't buying from an online shop in China that's advertising a phone at a price that's unbelievably low. A $600 Samsung S5 for $550 is a good buy. For $500 it's a great buy. For $200 it's a counterfeit that's probably an S2 in a different case, with a larger (but much worse) screen. With cellphones, if it's too cheap to believe, and it's not from the carrier, it's probably not believable. (There's a pretty decent phone from AT&T right now for 99 cents with a contract. It's believable. But that's because it's from AT&T, not from Joe's Cellphone Store.)

    Also, never buy a phone, even a "new" one, from Craig's List. It could be legitimate, but the seller could wait a few days, claim that the phone was "lost or stolen", pay the copay and get a new phone - and your phone is blacklisted and can't be used. He has your money minus the copay, a new phone, and you have a paperweight and an empty wallet. (If you must buy from Craig's List, complete the sale at the carrier's store. Ask the associate to take the money from you, register the phone to you and then give he money to the seller. That way, the seller isn't the owner of record, you are, so only you can report it missing or stolen. An honest seller wouldn't have a problem with that.)
    01-25-2015 12:03 PM
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    I'm assuming you mean a brick and mortar store or online? There really is not difference as far as warranty or anything like that. Both will still offer you, usually, about the same return policy, but be careful not all return policies are the same. The only real difference is probably going to be your insurance options. Online retailers often have insurance carriers they favor which may be an option you wouldn't be offered at your local brick and mortar store. However you can have your device insured through anyone you choose based on their requirements which will vary.
    01-25-2015 12:50 PM

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