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    Yesterday while surfing a site on UC browser I clicked the back button and it directed me to a page which said UC Web Your personal information leaked, Please visit Google Play, I again clicked back and it said Samsung Your personal information could be at risk, download Privacy Lock from Google Play, Again I clicked back and It said security risk Download Zero Launcher.
    But inspite of clicking back it did not take me to the site that I was surfing. I had to close the browser.
    My phone already had Avast Security downloaded.
    Hence I want to know why did I receive this. Is my information leaked?
    My friend told me these were just advertisements to be downloaded from Google Play.
    Please confirm me the same.
    01-27-2015 02:15 PM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    They are spam ads. There is a way for sites to multi load behind themselves and what happens is just like what you described. The user doesn't see what they expected and try to back out only to find themselves on an ad. Which double loads so when you try to back out of that it loads another ad and so on infinitely. Sometimes if you hit the back button 5 or 6 times rapidly you can get back to your original page, for all the good that does since that was the bogus page that sent you in circles in the first place. Meanwhile all of those ads are just scare tactics to get you to install their app. Which will probably steal your information or spam you to death, or push notifications to your device attempting to get you to download other worthless apps. Antivirus and security apps are virtually worthless on Android, being a sandboxed OS it is very difficult to write a virus program that would affect it. Their best bet is to get you to install their app with way too many permissions which will just give them access to your personal information and possibly track you. Just pay attention to what you download and all should be well. And don't ever, ever install an app from a popup ad. Legit devs have ads but don't have to scare or bombard you to advertise.
    01-27-2015 02:33 PM

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