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    I have moved an SDCard to a new phone with Android 4.4.

    Since that time I cannot see the camera files when connected mass storage in a windows 7 machine. The files that are visible on the computer are from last year, before the move of the card to a new phone. They are all on the SDCard, removable. I removed the SDCard from the phone and all the old files are there.

    The camera app is apparently saving new pictures to internal storage.

    I should say, a while ago my internal storage got full and I went through and selected "Move to SDCard" on most apps.

    I have two camera items in gallery. I can see all the files, new and old, and can send any of them with an SMS message. No problems. When I removed the SDCard gallery only had one camera item.

    So to troubleshoot, I have downloaded ESFileExplorer. That can see all the files.

    But when I connect to USB, I can only see the removable card. To test I removed the SDCard from the phone and installed it in a card reader, I can see all the files now.

    I do notice one difference now, when I connect the phone to USB I get a message to enable USB storage, and I click the button, it chuggs, and goes back eventually to the same message, and the USB storage is indeed not mounted.

    I have two notifications in the notification pane, one "USB connected" with the robot and the button "turn on usb storage".

    I also have a different notification "connected as mass storage" which when selected has four entries, SDCard, which is selected, and PTP, MTP and Charging.

    But it seems even though SDCard in checked, it's not actually mounted for some reason.

    Any ideas, or is the idea of putting an SDCard in an android phone now a bad idea because of this?
    01-28-2015 09:17 PM
  2. SteevoW's Avatar
    I am the OP.
    I changed out the SDCard.

    I copied files to it from the old card. Replicating the directory structure.
    I can't see that much changed.

    I think the problem is the ill advised changes to permissions that came with 4.4
    01-30-2015 12:16 AM

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