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    Hi there, i've got a tablet plugged on my TV, and never had any trouble with Adobe Flash before, but recently while i was using dolphin browser i got a message that i should install flash to watch a movie (which i already had installed) so i had to delete the flash version i had and download a new one from the same message on dolphin browser. Then i started to notice some weird things while watching videos, the video doesn't fit the normal window and can't scroll normally, it's like video is static in place even if i scroll up or down, and the tracking reacts very slow. The other problem is that now when i play movies the subtitles goes 3 or 4 seconds ahead of the video.
    Like i said this never happened before, i've tried to install older versions of flash, made factory reset, delete any other app in case of conflicts, but i can't solve it. I'd like to watch flash videos like before, does anyone can help me or give me advice about this problem?
    01-28-2015 09:27 PM

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