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    I am trying to get the Android Studio Hello World test application to run on a new Android phone. I started this without realizing that the latest Android Studio release (first 1.0.1 then 1.0.2) is itself rather new. I do not know whether the stoppage is due to the phone or A.S.
    When I connect the phone and PC the phone appears as a portable device of the correct name (I have selected the MTP protocol and that is reflected in the file browser description. I can see the phone file-system from the PC and transfer files. However when I try to run the app the process fails with the messages 'Waiting for device' 'USB device not found'. When I start the Android device monitor no devices are shown. When I select the reset option there is a delay of some seconds before :
    [2015-01-29 12:47:54 - DeviceMonitor] Connection attempts: 1
    [2015-01-29 12:47:54 - adb] system/core/adb/sysdeps_win32.c::socket_loopback_client():socket_loopback_client: could not connect to tcp:5037
    [2015-01-29 12:47:54 - adb] system/core/adb/adb_client.c::adb_connect():adb_connect: service host:start-server
    appears in the log.
    I found several posts making suggestions for the ....device not found symptoms. I believe I have tried them all, without success.
    Using netstat I can see that the adb.exe process is listening on port 5037 and has one established connection on 5037.

    Is there a forum for Android studio users, i.e is there any phone that will work with AS 1.0.2.
    Is there any forum for ZTE user/developers? ( I managed to contact a help desk in China and they suggested contacting the OEM supplier (Virgin). When I contacted Virgin they said they did not offer such support.
    01-29-2015 07:01 AM

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