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    I think i may have a virus on my galaxy s4 phone.
    1. twice (with some time inbetween) whilst i was in google play store, a warning came up flashed so fast i couldnt read it. ( i wz looking 4 satnav app, adds came up at bottom of screen, then a flash warning)

    On the 2nd time i managed to see that it said something like warning you have 13 viruses.
    2. paniced, turned my phone off completely. Had no idea what to do and have found it really hard to get informed advice
    3. i had to open phone - and discovered some txts had been sent,that i had not created.
    4. i put phone into flight mode so i could at least try and find ways to do something.
    Ive googled you tube,etc but not found instructions on best practice procedure. i hae no virus name that i can see anywhere. But i dont know where to look either so might have missed it.

    5. have uninstalled apps ( some of which i tink might have *** into my pone without my instructions) or disabled them if not poss to uninstall. Deleted cache and updates of all but essential apps. really dont download stuff etc.
    6. i sent contacts to gmail 9but im worried they will be deleted if i have to do a factory reset. (thinkin wz if phone is synced, then it would be effected)

    7. is there a way for me to determine if i do have a virus or not.

    8. What i should do next - i need to back up my phone, but am concerned that if i connect to my lap top any virus will transfer. (i have kaspersky and malwaebtes premium on my lap top)

    9. i have no sim card, but would buy one if that would help.
    And then how do i get rid of this irus if i have one.

    10. Thanks you for reading about my plight and i would appreciate help and advice.

    Many Thanks Bea
    01-30-2015 06:25 PM
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    Scan your phone using Avast Antivirus: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mobilesecurity
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    01-31-2015 12:47 AM

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