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    Okay so I have a galaxy s4 from sprint and I've dropped the thing quite a few times so the screen is cracked. This past weekend I dropped it like I normally do and it happened stop working. Here's what works as of now:
    - I can feel it vibrate when I remove the battery pack and start it up
    - The LED lights show up when I charge it and get notifications
    - The sound works for notifications and booting up
    - When I press the home button, the menu and back button light up
    - Samsung KIES 3 identifies it, but I can't do anything since I need to swipe my password on my phone to access my files

    So basically the phone doesn't display anything AT ALL. Like when booting up or when attempting to go into factory reset mode (volume up + home + power). It also won't "feel" anything I do. For example, I memorize the pattern I used to unlock my phone yet it doesn't unlock. It also would vibrate for every dot I would pass (it was a pattern combination), so I know just repairing the glass won't do anything to help me. I'm concluding the problem is software based but I don't know anything about phones so I have no idea what to do.. any help would be appreciated, i'll try just about anything.
    01-31-2015 12:35 AM

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