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    I am running kit kat 4.4.2 on my Lg g2.
    I understand there is an upgrade to Lollipop some time in the future for this phone.
    I do not want to upgrade as I am quite happy with kit kat, so I have rooted the phone with Towelroot, to be able to freeze the automatic update on my phone.
    I have frozen the software update and I have some questions about this.

    Will it definitively prevent Lollipop to force download and install?

    Will it prevent the apps to update too? (I suppose I can update the apps manually via the play store if it does).

    Is it true that updates on rooted phones can cause serious problems?

    Is there anything I need to be aware of to prevent any problems with my phone?

    01-31-2015 04:36 AM

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