1. AC Question's Avatar
    Well I just got the 32gb black metallic Droid Turbo and love it.

    Couple things I have noticed...

    the "15 min of charging for 8 hours" is not true....I charged my phone fully when I got it, let it die fully (about 4 hrs of screen time, 24 hours total since charging) and charged it. Went from 7% to 27% in 15 minutes so only 20% increase which is definitely not 8 hours.

    The camera sucks. Anything in low lighting looks good when the picture is taken, then in my gallery it is 10x darker. Anything moving looks bad as well. I also feel like any other picture looks good when I take it, then when I go into my gallery the colors change after about a second and it looks really weird. Why is this? I have the HDR thing on, but I can't find any auto saturation etc? Can anyone recommend the best settings? Very disappointing for how the camera was touted...

    Also, I like how I can move my hand over it to see the time or notifications, but any random shadow will do this so the time is pretty much always on which I'm sure affects battery as well. Seems like it appears/disappears pretty often depending on shadows or room lighting.

    Any help with these? Thanks everyone
    02-01-2015 11:48 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    As for the charging, it might give you 8 hours of standby. Here the disclaimer on Verizon's website: Droid Turbo - Verizon Wireless is at the bottom, with the cross as the footnote. Synopsis of the disclaimer is charge level before the 15 minutes, network signal and usage afterward.
    02-01-2015 12:08 PM
  3. HappyFunBall24's Avatar
    I'm no camera expert, and I can only say that the default camera app isn't great. I'd go with another app like Camera Zoom FX or A Better Camera.

    Battery-wise, your 20% increase in 15 minutes can definitely get you 8 hrs of casual (not continual/heavy/moderate) use, not just standby; it depends how much you use it. Remember also that it has the largest battery of any top-of-the-line smartphone, so 20% here is more substantial.
    02-06-2015 05:31 PM

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