1. AC Question's Avatar
    Sólo me deja introducir la clave de acceso a mi phablet y nada más. Sigue saliendo el mensaje de que la aplicación rstech_knile. se ha detenido. y no reacciona si le doy a aceptar, sólo se repite una y otra vez. He intentado acceder a los archivos conectándola al ordenador pero no la lee. Gracias!
    02-02-2015 12:44 PM
  2. Samantha rojas leon's Avatar
    tienes que ir a la parte de ajustesluego a privacidad o copia de seguridad... y le das en restablecer datos de fabrica
    03-26-2015 09:19 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    OP, you need to go into system settings > applications > sort by all > find that application name > clear cache. If that doesn't work then you can perform a factory reset. However, be sure to backup your data before hand since that'll delete everything on the device, except for the SD card.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. Also, it would help if you can provide a translation in English for more people to read and provide feedback.
    03-26-2015 09:42 AM
  4. Ahnshirazi's Avatar
    I can't open the android program at all, So I can't do anything.
    09-17-2015 07:41 AM
  5. Leo Rocha's Avatar
    Ativar rstech_kinile
    12-04-2015 07:35 PM

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