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    For the past few days i have woken up and my phone will have been plugged into the wall overnight, i usually put it on charge before bed at around 10% or lower expecting to wake up with my phones battery at 100%. Recently this has not been the case. Last night around 10pm i put my phone on charge, it had 10% battery, woke up this morning to find my phone on 0 percent and off (still plugged in) when i pressed the power button to check the screen it suddenly started charging again and the red light flashed as if i had only just plugged it into charge, its 5am and i have 2 hours to get my phone fully charged for the day. its been charging for 20 minutes now and at 4%. I don't know why my phone is doing this, im using the original HTC charger that my phone came with. I have noticed if im charging my phone downstairs around the afternoon, it will sometimes say 'Slow charge, connect original HTC one charger' but its plugged in with the original charger. My phone will charge up fully if i'm downstairs just having it plugged in and occasionally checking on it. I feel like the problem is, whilst my phone is charging overnight, i am not able to check on how the charge is doing, so i think it forgets its charging and crashes.
    02-03-2015 12:10 AM
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    I've had the same 'Slow charge' message myself, on a Lumia, just once, although like you I was using the stock charger. I unplugged and replugged and all was well. Another member suggested that this may be due to a dirty or faulty USB lead or USB port. From your description I'm inclined to think that that may be the problem in your case.

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    02-03-2015 06:07 AM

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