1. Kevin Saunders's Avatar
    An unlocked Verizon Note 3 being used on Straighttalk.

    I get good service (can make calls,send/receive texts) but my data doesn't connect to 4G LTE except for maybe a couple spots in town, in which it'll just switch down to 3G then drop completely depending on where I'm at. Where I live I don't pick up any data whatsoever Until I drive down the road some.

    However, when I put my sim card into my Verizon tablet, 4G LTE pops up and works flawlessly no matter where I'm at. Is this a problem with my Note 3, or maybe some settings are wrong? Thanks
    02-03-2015 02:14 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to AC.🙋

    If you go to Settings, More, Mobile Networks, Preferred Network Type, what is the setting?
    (I'm not familiar with Samsungs so the steps may be different.)

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    02-03-2015 05:31 PM
  3. Kevin Saunders's Avatar
    It's set for global. Is roaming supposed to be on or off? Either way that doesn't fix it. I keep roaming off
    02-03-2015 08:40 PM

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