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    I cant connect to wifi on my SGs5. I am connecting on the wifi page, but my school requires another username and password to be entered and I cant get to it. I was able to on my tablet and one day on my phone because I got to a security page and chose no security. I have 0 bars at school and a big red x. I need the internet for my classes and I was going over on roaming. Someone please help me fix this problem. We called sprint and did a bunch of updates but nothing worked... Thanks
    02-04-2015 09:44 AM
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    You start off saying that you are on the WiFi page? Do you mean the settings page on your device or the browser page that large system networks redirect you to? The reason I ask is that later you say, "I have 0 bars and a big red X".

    In between those two statements it sounds like you need to connect to the network, either by going to your WiFi settings page and turning it on or going to your WiFi settings page and signing in with whatever credentials they gave you to connect to the network. I'm not talking about access just yet. Once you are connected to the network, it sounds like you need to open a web browser and try to navigate to any site, this should trigger the campus' network to redirect you to their security page. That will be where you enter the alternate ID that you set up and that should grant you access. In the meantime you may have made choices when you were able to connect with your tab and the other phone but you have a new IP address and therefore this device is not likely to be recognized and therefore you will have to access the network with this device and create a connection between the two. This may not mean that you won't have to sign in again, because large networks rotate security protocols in order to control access.

    If none of that got you on, please provide more information;

    You say you have no bars of WiFi, is this at a time when others are access that are near you?

    Are you able to get WiFi anywhere else? McD's, home, friend's place?

    When you open your WiFi settings to see available networks does the one you are familiar with for school show up in the list and if so what does its connection status say? Even if you are unable to connect to the network due to incorrect security credentials or whatever you should still be seeing bars of strength for nearby networks.

    Now the whole problem changes if you are unable to connect to any location, or you are unable to see any network, or if WiFi doesn't seem to be turning on at all.
    02-04-2015 10:17 AM

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