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    When my well loved Droid X2 died I replaced it with a used one from eBay. Was not paying attention and received a phone with Cyanogen Mod version 10-2013 0113 unoficial-daytona. Not a problem, as I liked the options available in the upgraded Android version. Until...I tried to activate the phone the phone on Page Plus. Tried OTA as per custom service, then manual programming. Neither worked, usually with the error message "this number is inactive or incorrect" or just getting a busy signal over and over. I looked up the settings and sure enough the phone number is not mine, it's still the previous owner's. I've spent over 4 hours with customer service and countless ones looking on the web for an answer. I will cheerfully admit that I am a computer tech but a total noob when it comes to phones. Am looking for the easiest and least destructive way to change the phone number so I can activate this phone. Any help would be appreciated.
    02-04-2015 10:09 PM

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