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    Hope someone can help. I've purchased one of those magnetic charging adapters. It works OK, both from the mains and from computer's USB, However...

    1. As soon as adapter is added (without phone) to the USB extension, computer gives a "device not recognized" message. (Is this, perhaps, because the adapter is almost certainly "charge only"? I'm not sure.) It still works.

    2. If I boot up the computer, with device still attached to USB, everything, from bootup to shutdown, runs very slowly. Outlook, browser etc load/close in a "fading into/out of view" way. It's as if the computer is busy trying to find out what the device is. But it's only a little adapter.

    Sure...I can work round simply by remembering not to leave it attached. Puzzled, though.

    Any ideas, folks?

    02-05-2015 05:53 AM

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