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    Hi there, my boyfriend dropped his phone (xperia z3) while he was out drinking. The screen shattered so he put it into a high street shop to get it replaced. The cost was £100 odd.

    When he got it back, the screen was slightly off. You could see the light from the screen shine from around the edges. So! He took it back to get repaired and initially the guy gave him a screen cover to keep it together.. Which obviously was not good enough. He took it in, yet again, and asked for it to be repaired.

    The shop took it in again, and asked for a number so they could text when it was done. My boyfriend then unlocked the screen in front of them, and gave them our roommates number.

    After a while of no texts, my boyfriend went in again and asked about his phone. To which they said, they need to rreplace the screen again as it was shattered and said that when he handed it in, the phone did not work at all. (obviously a lie as he unlocked it in front of them) they said that he had cracked the screen so now he has to pay £100 odd to repair it again.

    We cant get through to them, and have no photo evidence of what theyve done. We've not spoke to the "outside guy" who done the repair yet. We dont know what angle to take this. Any advice would seriously help, we cannot pay the repair costs again...

    02-05-2015 11:51 AM
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    If you're in the UK, read this:

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    02-05-2015 12:13 PM

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