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    So I have moved or so I thought I moved a lot of apps to sd card to free up device memory. I unmount card and apps are gone. Must be close to 3-4 GA in apps moved but sd card has barely shows device close to full, does not add up. Like I said one of Real racing 3 is 2.4G yet sd card shows only 1.2 G used, and this is only one app I have moved 29 apps to sd. 1
    02-05-2015 04:45 PM
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    1) Some apps can't be moved, because the developer knows they won't run from the card (Android was never designed to run apps from the card), so you can't move those apps.

    2) Of the apps that can be moved, some of them won't run from the card, but the person creating the app isn't a developer, he just plugged some things into a framework to create an app, and didn't know to check whether it runs from the card. (And probably wouldn't know how to prevent it from being moved even if he knew it wouldn't work.)

    3) Of those apps that can run from the card, not the entire app cam be moved. So you might move a 3GB app to the card, but only 100MB is actually moved - the rest stays in internal storage. That's probably what's happening in your case. You won't see an icon for the app on the SD card - code is written to a part of the card, that part is marked used (so nothing else will be written there), and there's a pointer in internal storage to where on the card that code was stored. And if the card is removed, the app, run from the phone, won't run or will crash, depending on what part of it is on the card and no longer available.
    02-17-2015 03:57 PM

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