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    billing cycle started 01/28/15 (today 1/6/15) my device has used 1.974GB of mobile data in that time frame, (data use history on my account has always been LESS than 2 GB per billing cycle between two S5 devices)-called Verizon and they couldn't really help me-told me to do all of the things I already had implemented-the factory install (cant get rid of it) YouTube appeared to be the culprit when I checked data use in my settings. I restricted background data for YouTube and other aps on mobile & Wi-Fi (didn't help) then i forced stop-turned it off- cleared cache last night & removed all my downloaded apps (only had 3 or 4) and others that didn't seem important data use still showing extreme for my device-noticed the phone was heating up on the back like never before-shut it down and went to bed. today when I turned phone back on it didn't know what to do, so had to reset some stuff-why after 6 months is this happening please help I need a solution-i really like my device
    02-06-2015 01:52 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Try some of the following:

    1. Go to Google Play Store's settings and make sure it's not automatically updating apps over any data connection (you can set it to update over wi-fi only, or update only manually).

    2. Go to Settings>Location and turn off Location Reporting.

    3. Open Google+'s settings and turn off Auto Backup. You could also check the "Conserve data usage" option.

    4. Open Chrome's settings and turn on "Reduce data usage."
    02-06-2015 07:41 PM

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