1. AC Question's Avatar
    Is it possible to purchase a sim card to install for texting or does the tabs require adding the additional service to have the ability to text? I thought that I read somewhere that I can sync my devices together and be able to text back and forth between the two.
    02-07-2015 12:47 AM
  2. Sam Ham's Avatar
    You could use pushbullet to send text/links/images between the 2, not sure if that fits your needs. You can also use it from a pc
    02-07-2015 01:15 AM
  3. Streakin4peace's Avatar
    I personally use the app Line. But there are others that are free for calls. Line app does have its ups and downs and is child oriented. They have made this better with each update. I do know there is away to sink devices but I can't give that answer,sorry.
    02-07-2015 03:28 AM

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