1. AC Question's Avatar
    My GS5 is draining battery very quickly, with Android OS as the main consumer, followed by Android System and Google Play Services. Android OS is more than all others combined.

    I have factory reset my phone several times and added absolutely no apps and the problem persists.

    I have disabled bloatware and it does not make a difference. I keep location off, bluetooth off, wifi always on.

    Please help!
    02-07-2015 01:33 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Give it at least a week. An update has to do a lot, sometimes, and a major update (4 to 5, for instance) may have to update tons of apps.

    If it doesn't settle down after a week, I'd bring the phone into the carrier and ask if they could please redo the update, since something obviously went wrong. (This problem is one of the major ones being posted these days - about many phones.)
    02-07-2015 03:16 PM

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