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    Hello all. I just recently downloaded mp3tag to organize all my music's metadata (namely song, artist, genre, and cover art), to add to my Nexus 5. It's all worked out great. I opened the songs up in Windows Media Player, and the art shows and all the data is correct.

    However, this is where the problem starts. I transfer them to my Nexus 5 into the music folder (I don't want to upload them to google, just throwing that out there), and when I start up Google Play Music, all the songs, instead of showing the art I had added, shows a single cover art (One that I never added) for all songs. For example, I used a single album art for all TFK songs, a single one for all Breaking Benjamin songs, one for all Skillet songs, and so on. However, it only shows a Breaking Benjamin art for all songs, and not even the one I chose. (I'm assuming it's using a BB one because it's the first song/artist to appear)

    My question is, why? And how do I get it so that it shows the proper art I used.
    02-07-2015 06:15 PM
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    Hi again. I'm the one above. Just like to say after a call into google support and a chat / brainstorming session with a nice girl over the phone, the issue was resolved. For anyone who ends up reading this looking for an answer, here is the solution. Just reminding that this will help you if you transferred music from computer to phone through usb cable.

    So what I did to get the art I embedded into the song to show up on google play music is when putting the music into the music folder on your phone, but the individual artists / albums / songs that match the same image you have for them into seperate folders. (For me, each artist had a different image, so I made a folder for each artist in the music folder on the phone). Afterwards, copy the image as well (If required, I used jpeg format images with each image being roughly 500x500, but I believe size won't matter.) into each individual folder. Example, TFK image into TFK music folder, BB image into BB music folder.

    Once that's all over with, open up your google play music app, and the songs will all be there, with each folder (Artists in my case) having the image you used as the cover art. Play the song from any of the tabs (Genre, Artist, Albums, Songs) and the song will play with your art in the background, just like you wanted. For testing purposes, I made a few playlists with the songs, and the art carries over for each individual song, with the art from it's folder.

    And that's that. Once again this is for when transferring music from computer to phone, with no extra apps (such as album grabber and the like) required, except for maybe mp3tag, did not test if this works with music that hadn't had its metadata previously tinkered with. If you are trying to fix this with music you uploaded to google, or downloaded from google, I'm pretty sure this isn't the answer you want.
    02-07-2015 08:13 PM

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