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    The phone says the Weather widget is already on the Home Screen, but I do not see it. How do I get the Weather widget to appear? Samsung Galaxy S4.

    I'm posting this question again b/c I do not see a way to reply to the person who answered it before.

    Also, to that person: I didn't include my phone type b/c I believed I was already in a forum specific to my phone (I had selected my phone from a drop-down list). When I realized I should include the name of my phone, I was unable to go back and edit my question.

    In response to that answer about the Weather widget, I did mean the Home screen, not the Lock screen. Also, I did not understand your explanation; it is possible you were talking about a different phone than I have.

    Thank you.
    02-08-2015 12:41 PM
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    Yup, guilty your honor.

    I was carrying over a conversation on another thread about many questions having no context, making it difficult to answer. I was making a general comment about all posters, but meant to edit it should it be misconstrued.

    Do you have several home pages open via Menu - Edit Pages. if you have three or five you can manoeuver them to have the house icon for your main page in the middle. You may know this.

    The widget is not on any home page, yet when you try to slide it from the widget drawer it says already there.

    Just tap menu - reply here, but you would need to do a quick register.

    Failing that I will leave you with more screenshots. I am referring to the AccuWeather app and it's widget called Weather. I hope this helps.

    02-08-2015 01:19 PM

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