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    Hi, I just picked up a Droid Turbo. I am coming from a Droid Razr. On my Razr when you would click on a shortcut it started from the home or top first screen of the app you were clicking on. For example when I would click on my text messaging shortcut it would always start at the screen which lists all of my texts from everyone that I had been texting. Now when clicking on the messaging icon with the Turbo it always goes to the last text I was involved in using. I then have to use the back button to return to the top screen if I want to get to the home screen of the messaging app. I have noticed this with all of the shortcuts, they always return to the last position you were at. I'd like them to behave like the Razr's did, starting from the first screen for lack of a better term. Is there a setting or option to change this? Do you follow me? I'm tired of using the back button all the time to get to first screens! Please help!!

    Thanks Jeff
    02-08-2015 05:47 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It's possible that this is due to the Turbo having significantly more RAM than the original Razr. This means that more apps can remain open in the background, and if you go back to that app, it will pick up where you left off. In the original Razr, when you left an app and opened something else, it was probably more likely that the first app had to close out in order to allow other apps to open. This would mean that going back to that first app would require it opening fresh, and therefore put you at the main page.

    Some apps will also have a setting for you to choose what page to open to. So in a messaging app, there might be a setting to open to the main page or to the last thread you were in.
    02-09-2015 04:34 PM

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