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    I cannot register my Samsung S5 because the account itself has been compromised. The "Security" app, has had the "App Verify" feature permanently disabled. I cannot register the account because the software indicates that the account has already been registered. By whom, is what I'd like to find out.

    There is a book that I could write about how many other features have been permanently disabled, or enabled. In the latter case, the "Debugging/ Development" feature is perpetually on, and more...

    I bought this phone about four months ago or so, with an intention to use it to meet my healthcare job needs. I would like the company, Samsung, to know how these slimy people may be a threat to their bottom line if this phone can be rendered this vulnerable.

    For your information, please read this blog to find out why the criminals may have an interest in hacking the phone, by googling the phrase:

    " nanodevices-in-sensory-overload-mind-control-torture " I cannot post the link because I do not have 10 posts on this website yet.

    How do I get my phone back? Please help. Thanks. Pat B.
    02-08-2015 07:11 PM
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    The link you're referring to is the ravings of a lunatic (or a joke).

    Which account are you referring to that's "already registered? Anyone can register an account under any name, and if someone registered an account under the name you want, that';s just the way it is. (I can't use rukbat@gmail.com because someone got it before I tried. That's not a problem with the phone, it's a problem that I didn't think to grab the name as soon as gmail came out.)

    The Developer menu, once enabled, stays enabled.

    Your phone wan't hacked, it's just your lack of knowledge of how cellphones in general, and Android in particular, work.
    02-09-2015 12:08 AM

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