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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 T-Mobile. I just upgraded from an android 4.1.2 to a CM12 (the latest update). When i tried to install an app, it said there was insufficient storage. I check my storage and my internal SD card storage was almost empty and so was my external sd. There was also something that said "internal storage" and it said the total was 1.97gb (assuming that it means the overall space). Anyways, it said I had 208 mb left and under it, there was a 600 mb next to "apps" and a 12 mb next to pics, videos, etc." Before, I could install MANY apps on my S2. Now, I can't install more than 6. I tried Clean Master but there was little change. Can anyone come up with a solution on how to clean my internal storage? I moved all my apps to external SD. Can someone at least give me an explanation on why my internal storage is so full? Thanks.
    02-09-2015 12:17 AM

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