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    I got my LG G3 in December and it has been working great until about a week ago. The problem started relatively small where occasionally a message would tell me it was sent but my girlfriend never received the message. The problem has gotten worst over time and especially yesterday it seemed any message of substantial length would not go through although it would tell me it had, yet any shorter message (>100 characters) would go through almost every time without problems. Starting this morning it is even worse with more messages not sending than do and now it is any length. None of my messages seem to be getting through to only this one person and I can text anyone else just fine. My default messaging app is Messaging+. I thought last night that switching to the normal messaging app might fix the problem But every time I tried to use that app (still with that one person) it would shut down. Messaging+ app will shut down sometimes, but the normal messaging app did not work at all. Could the problem be the large amount of messages between me and this one person, far greater than me and anyone else, or is there possibly another thing I don't know? I downloaded the app Advanced Task Killer and it said there were no problems with the app and I don't have any other options of what I can do. Please help? I would like to not erase all of the messages if possible.
    02-09-2015 07:59 AM
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    Have you asked your girlfriend to check to make sure she hasn't accidentally blocked your number on her phone?

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    02-09-2015 08:36 AM

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