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    This issue is not constant and it doesn't appear to be relegated to a particular location or time. I will be using either application for an extended period of time and the issue will suddenly come up.

    I will open up a Hangout or Conversation and my phone will suddenly have zero network connection (shows as 'No Service'). The issue will persist until I either wait long enough, reset me phone (and possibly wait) or go into and out of Airplane mode (and again, possibly wait anyways). Restarting the apps and/or my phone does not seem to help either.

    In addition, once I've lost the connection, I will sometimes regain it but be on my Away network. Then I have to go through the 'fixes' I mentioned above. This secondary issue is less frequent but, still comes up.

    My current Moto X is new (about two weeks old) and I am running on 4.4.4. My old Nexus 5 had the same issued running on both KitKat and Lollipop.

    I have called my network provider (Wind - Canada) and they do not seem to think it is with the network. Any help with this would be great - thanks,
    02-09-2015 04:02 PM

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