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    Hi, just purchased a Shogun, and one of the main uses of it will be to capture tablet/smartphone screens (Android, iPhone, & Windows). We had another low quality device that worked, but the quality was sub-par. However, when connecting the Shogun in the same manner as the other devices (using micro MHL -> HDMI cables), the Shogun only displays a blank black screen. The Shogun does report that there is an HDMI In signal, but it just doesn't display the screen's picture.

    I also tried using a Chromecast with an HTC One M8 (which I successfully used before with other capture device), and while I was able to initially see the Chrome logo when the device booted up, after that there again was only a blank black screen, with the Shogun reporting it had an HDMI In signal.

    Does anyone have experience with capturing the HTC One screen as video? Hopefully with an Atomos device, but if not, I'd appreciate hearing what other devices were successfully used.
    02-09-2015 10:10 PM

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