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    I have rooted my note 4 recently, and want to change the fonts. I've downloaded iFont and HiFont to change it but when I selected my desired font to change, it prompted "Not enough storage space". Googled it up, pointed to app cache issues. Cleared it, but still not able to change. Not even the default ones like rosemary can be selected.

    Just to share what happened after the rooting process as well; I changed the lcd density in build.prop to 200. Gosh that was a bad move. keyguard(something something) prompted forced to stop after restarted. Couldn't press a single thing. Attempted to put in TWRP recovery via Odin on PC, but prompted failed. I had no choice but to wipe data. After I reboot and the setup and stuff, then this happen after I attempted to change font.
    02-09-2015 11:43 PM

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