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    I need to attach a patch lead to the external antenna port of whatever phone I buy (actually my employer is buying whatever i choose as long as it runs on verizon).
    In the older model sansungs backs were available with predrilled holes or people could just drill them. I get the feeling the S5 and Note 4 have wireless charging and that there is circuitry in the back cover. Is this true? any other models have this? Does this circuitry overlap with the antenna ports? If yes, will i hurt anything by drilling a 3mm hole? If yes, will this be a problem if i never intend to charge wirelessly?

    EDIT:Please stand down on this request. I found the answer. The wireless charging is not in the back cover of the original product. It is safe to drill a hole. Thanks to those that answered this on other threads.
    02-10-2015 10:05 AM

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