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    I rooted my phone because i want to disable to preinstalled lockscreen app and replace it with a customize lockscreen app. I accidentally deleted the lockscreen in system apps, now everytime my phone hibernate, it will actually turn off and when i try to turn it on, it's being stuck in boot logo or should i say bootloop. what i do is i press the volume down + power key to lead me to factory mode, then i choose reboot, that way, the phone will continue to boot towards the homescreen. i can use all the functions of the phone, sending text, phone calls, games, etc. as long as the phone will not hibernate or go to sleep, because if it is, it will turn off and i need to do the same process again to turn it on. is there a way to fix this for a an android noob like me?
    02-10-2015 12:10 PM

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