1. AC Question's Avatar
    My Note 4 sends out SOS alerts for every little thing it seems or maybe km just accidentally pressing the power key three times all the time.
    I turned off the feature and it still does it and consistently freaks out my mom.
    I removed my mom and my boyfriend from my emergency contacts and still the SOS alerts get sent.
    I don't get it and it's frankly very frustrating. Help?
    02-10-2015 08:18 PM
  2. sma9's Avatar
    My new S5 Just sent SOS notices out while I was shopping which resulted in three visits to my house by the police looking for me. The SOS service was turned off. If it happens agian I am taking my phone back
    02-15-2015 07:20 PM
  3. truemask's Avatar
    I have the same problem, set up the sos feature with my gear 2 neo. And deactivated it . And still my s6 sends out random SOS while my watch isn't even on and my phone is sitting there ..
    08-25-2016 10:54 PM

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