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    Maybe someone has an answer, maybe there just isn't a fix, lol. I had verizon a while ago, and recently switched to att. I had and have a Samsung Galaxy S5. With verizon when I sent a longer text message it was sent as one. Now, when I send a longer text message it sends as 2 or 3 texts and out of order to whoever I'mnding it to. Is their a fix or is it the service provider?
    02-10-2015 10:04 PM
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    There is a character limit that is not that high (I think like 120 chars) for SMS. So, when your message is longer than that it gets sliced up. MMS (picture) messages, however, have a higher character limit (like 1000 chars). So, if you can convert the message to MMS it is much less likely to get sliced up.

    from the venerable Note 3π 📱✒
    02-11-2015 12:19 AM
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    The limit is actually 140 octets (groups of 8 bits), and in the text we use, readable characters have 7 bits, so that works out to 160 characters. (It seems kind of stupid, but the protocol used for SMS is actually the protocol that was developed for pocket text pagers of years past. "Call me at 123-456-7890" doesn't need more than 160 character. Most people didn't send much more than that to a pager.)

    If the message is longer, there are 2 choices - breaking the text up into individual 160 character pieces (which the receiving end is supposed to put back together without you're seeing it) or sending it as an MMS (text the link to a file with the actual message that's being stored on the carrier's MMS server). The app is supposed to download that and show it to you as a single long message, also without your knowing what's going on "under the hood".

    Most text apps have a setting either to break long messages up to multiple messages, to not break them up or to send them as MMS. However the app words it, you're choosing either breaking them or sending them as MMS. (Not breaking them up really means send them as an MMS.)
    03-03-2015 11:52 PM

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