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    I have an S5 Active. All auto-update setting explicitly UNchecked. One night I go to sleep and my phone gets a nice sparkling new mandatory update; an update that I was never informed of would be on the way. I might have been alerted at some point but if I was it had to of been in the finest of prints which is just evil.

    Why so upset u ask? All of a sudden my phone cannot download/sent multimedia message... now I have to go talk to the local [Removed by Moderator] behind the counter at the nearest AT&T store and waste time trying to sort something out that never needed "improvement" in the first place.

    That's not even what I'm most PO'ed about. You [Removed by Moderator] up your (my) default music app. In the middle of the night while I was sleeping no less. Wtf. I used to be able to see around 8-12 artists listed while I scrolled down the list. Now I can see 5. 5 in a list of hundreds. When I finally find the artist I'm looking for I select the listing and am presented with all the artist's songs in a contiguous list of sorted albums. I used to see about 10-15 songs in one screen, most of an album at least. Now I see 7 songs. 7 songs in a list of 100's....... I'm not 80 years old, why are you making me look through a freaking magnifying glass? At LEASTTTTTT give me the option of adjusting text/padding size if you're going to [Removed by Moderator] up my default. Are you kidding me? Do you user test exclusively on your own grandmothers? That's the only population I can conceive of who could possibly make you feel confident about this terrible (forced) design decision.

    And all of these tiny UI tweaks/"improvements"? I don't want them. Stay the [Removed by Moderator] away from my phone when I have my auto-update options turned off. That or give explicit warning that the feature doesn't actually do what it would immediately appear to. I have a setting called "Automatic updates" that I've explicitly unchecked... that's supposed to mean something dummies... I didn't even know this crap was a possibility until it just happened to me the other day... I mean in theory, sure, but wtf are you doing? Wtf happened to A/B testing? Windows 8 will not repeat it's mistakes in Windows 10 because they found out nobody was upgrading from 7 to 8. You guys can't find out how you messed up if you force mandatory silent updates across the board. If windows forced me to upgrade from 7 to 8 I would switch to Linux sooooooo [Removed by Moderator] quickly. You scare me as a company. It's harder to trust you now. You're only screwing yourself ultimately... I'm about to go back to a Motorola Razr + ipod combo, I swear. At least Apple, at their worst, only adds U2 albums to my device in the middle of the night, they've never taken away essential features without at least a sparse semi-human-decent warning that an update is about to occur.

    Stop breaking things while trying to make them better. Please. Or at LEAST let me opt out. You're wasting so much of my time/energy Android. I finally understand why my Apple shares just keep soaring. I don't have time to worry about my phone breaking in the middle of the night. I'm going to quit on you and you should listen because I'm far more introspective than most.

    Someone please tell me the auto-update feature I'd love to disable is just mislabeled or something... At this point I know it just doesn't exist, but please, someone explain this madness... if only to yourselves; idk if I'll be back, don't know if I care enough. I have to go figure out where to get a phone I can like again apparently. Did Android really do this to me or was is Samsung?
    02-11-2015 08:28 PM
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    I only use unlocked phones myself so I'm not sure how such a thing could happen, especially if you have the auto-update option switched off. It's difficult to believe that this might have been the intentional or negligent fault of either Google, Samsung or AT&T. I'm in the UK, so the one thing I don't know much about is the US carriers.... but I know who will, so I'll let them know about your post. Please stand by for a reply.

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    02-12-2015 07:22 AM
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    Same kind of complaints with a different phone. LG G3.


    And I've seen some M8 owners having the same problem.

    They all have AT&T. It seems that the mandatory update it's a carrier problem.
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    02-12-2015 07:37 AM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I know that one day the Grim Update Reaper is coming for my AT&T android phones. I just hope when he comes he makes it as quick and painless as possible.

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    02-12-2015 08:50 AM

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