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    I take photos with the built in camera and they appear in photos which are one of the apps ( photos).When I delete them after a while they reappear. Funny thing is when I plug my android into my computer it doesn't appear in my android when I view it on my computer.
    02-13-2015 11:39 AM
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    What you see in the phone is a list of pictures in Media Scanner's database. If you delete a picture and the database doesn't update (I wouldn't say it's common, but it happens), the phone will still see the picture. The computer sees the actual files, and the file isn't there. If you sync pictures, and the picture isn't deleted on the server, it eventually syncs back.

    Experiment to find out what's happening (pictures reappearing is a symptom - you fix causes, not symptoms). Make sure picture sync is off. Take a picture. Delete it. Restart the phone (or run a rescan app like Rescan Media). See if the picture comes back. (To make sure your pictures are backed up, use Drive. Manually copy pictures you want to back up to a folder on Drive that you keep locally. (Drive lets you set that up.)

    The problem is that if you don't have a good data connection when you delete the picture, th phone may not keep trying to delete it in the backup - it may give up after a while. (It uses a lot of battery to try when there's no signal.) Then you get a signal, the sync software sees that there's a file missing on the phone and syncs it. We need a "make the backup look like the phone/make the phone look like the backup" option.
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    02-13-2015 03:48 PM

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