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    Which apps can I get that won't make my tablet crash? Like Skype for example that made my first tablet crash.
    02-13-2015 02:40 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Bleached self-rising flour - best things to bake?

    That's the kind of question you're asking. Best for me might be totally useless to you. I consider music apps useless - I don't listen to music on my phone. I don't have Youtube on my phone. I do have an APRS app on my phone, you probably don't want one - you probably have to look up APRS to even know what it is.

    Skype works on most Android devices without a problem. (The older ones just don't have enough "computer" to run it.)

    The best apps are the ones you're going to use. Nothing wrong with a kid's game, if you like playing it, even if you're an adult. If you never Skype anyone, having Skype on the tablet is a waste of space. (I sit in doctors' offices a lot - I'm not young, and to someone my age, "social life" and "doctor's appointment" are pretty much the same thing - so I have solitaire and blackjack on my phone. If there's nothing good on TV when I'm in the waiting room, I play.)

    A "T-Mobile tablet". T-Mobile doesn't make tablets, so is it a Samsung, an LG, or some $30 Chinese piece of junk that couldn't run an email app without straining? If it's a decent tablet it should run anything Play Store will show from it. (You won't see a "none of your devices support this app" message if you run the Play Store app - you just won't see apps that the device won't run.)
    02-13-2015 04:42 PM

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