1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just received my LG optimus L90 phone today and I would like to transfer all the texts I have in my Galaxy light over to my new LG.

    I tried several "sms back up" apps none of the files that I backed up in my old phone showed up once I downloaded the same apps on my new phone and tried to restore everything, it was completely blank absolutely none of the folders I have full of my texts showed up in my LG. I'm starting to believe the LG optimus is unable to back up sms's because it's not compatible but I'm not quite sure.

    How would I go about this issue ?
    02-13-2015 08:13 PM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    I don't know for sure. You may be right.

    I have always had "SMS Backup +" .
    I didn't know about "SMS Backup and Restore" which is recommended here.

    This is Paul's guide to the one I don't use! http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho...d.php?t=324662

    I have never tried to restore with SMS Backup +, but I assumed it could. Have you had a look at that one?
    02-13-2015 08:53 PM
  3. jacosmitza's Avatar
    Go look for the apk of SMS Backup+. The program is a real life saver.
    03-05-2015 11:47 PM

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