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    I have a really weird problem on my Sony XPERIA J.
    My mediasound is always playing on the internal speaker(games, music, youtube, ...) or ear-speaker(phone calls, Skype calls).

    If I want to hear sound thru my earphones I need to reboot my phone while my earphones are connected. Then I can listen to music and all other sound thru my earphones, but when I take them out to let the sound go thru the internal speakers it doesn't work. I need to reboot the phone without my earphones connected to make the speaker and ear-speaker work again. The alarm sound and ringtone sound do always work.

    I tried to reset the settings,
    I tried a factory reset,
    I tried flashing stock rom (11.2.a.0.31),
    I tried downgrading to 11.0.a.7.5,
    I tried flashing CyanogenMod,
    but nothing nothing worked to fix the problem.
    02-14-2015 10:26 AM

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